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Visitor Rigs Page 14

Frame is a 1981 LJ 80 with a fibre glass body on it.
Engine was modified from stock to a Swift GTI 16 V with 101 HP.
Transmission is through a Samurai Shift gear box with 5 gears in it.
Stock brakes moved out and where replaced by teh Samurai Brake System.
As engine got hot with the small LJ cooler an additional Oil Cooler was mounted as well.
Now it runs without troubles since 1996 in this set up. As the BMW Add says " Aus Freude am Fahren " ...
Regards Alex , wetterstein1@t-online.de

Here is my little LJ80V



Here is a pic from my LJ 80 with a fibre glass body on it.
Engine was F10A engine from an SJ 410 and Disc brake at the front axle.
my Homepage www.suzukilj80.de
Greetings from Germany. Ralf

                                          My name is Shaun, I live in Kingaroy Queensland, Australia. This is my 1979 Suzuki                                    Lj80, I have upgraded the engine to the 1000cc and it goes great. this little suzie loves the sand.


Esta belleza modelo 1,979 la compré en diciembre de 2003 y me ha llevado a muchos lugares en donde no entra cualquier 4x4.  Soy diseñador de carreteras y mi trabajo me obliga a caminar por senderos perdidos en las montañas de Guatemala.  No hay mejor 4x4 para eso que el Suzuki LJ80.


Hugo Vargas

Here is a picture of my 1978 LJ81.

I use it as a runabout on the farm in Victoira Australia
From what I know of it everything is standard and unchanged.

Lincoln  NE Owner J. Knott
1972 LJ20v owned approx 1month, looks like was orig grey color repainted dark red
right hand drive purchased on Ebay from Kansas City KS area (was sold on Ebay before from New Mexico)
LJ20v owned approx 1 month 1974 LJ20v (may be '73) owned approx 1 month, Yellow orig paint but some spray paint added
left hand drive purchased on Ebay from Salt Lake City UT


Driving along the beach in Denmark with my SJ 413. Here I’m crossing a river. I must admit that I was nervous….

 Best regards

S. Knudsen

Thanks from P. Kwee for sending these two pics from Singapore.


Hello, I'm Adrian, from Spain... I read and use the services of your WONDERFUL page from about 3 years ago"! I even found parts thanks of your page!!!!!!  
So that's my car , a wonderful Lj80 a little bit restored but in stock condition, I live in Mallorca a nice island and the car came from somewhere in Germany, I found it when the car was just going to be recycled and compacted! ohh I saved it!"!!!! :)
I use it everyday to go to my work about 20 miles everyday and it's cool in summer


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