LJ20 and LJ20V Parts Manual

This is the complete LJ20 Parts manual with diagrams and part numbers there are 136 pages! 


Front Cover    Preface    Abbreviations     Color Chart     Millimeter to Inch Conversion Chart    Cylinder Crankcase  

 Engine Mounting  

 Piston Crankshaft    Air Cleaner    Air Inlet Carburetor    Carburetor Inner Parts    Exhaust    Fuel Pump    

Oil Pump    Cooling Fan    Radiator Hose    Water Pump    Clutch    Transmission    Transmission Case    

Gear Shifting Fork    Change Remote Control (Gear Shifter)    Transfer Case    Transfer Gears    

Transfer Gear Shift    Foot Pedal Cables    Starter Generator    Battery Regulator    Ignition (Distributor)

    Speedometer    Front Lamp    Rear Lamp    Wiring Harness, Switches Turn, lights, ignition switch    

Windshield Wiper, Horn    Windshield Washer, Radio    Steering Unit (column)    Steering Link, Gear Box

    Suspension    Wheel & Tire    Drive Shaft    Differential Gear    Front Axel    Rear Axel    Front Wheel Brake   

 Rear Wheel Brake    Brake Piping (lines)    Parking Brake Lever    Center Brake Drum (Parking Brake) 

   Chassis Frame    Front Body (Hood etc)    Windshield Frame etc.    Instrument Panel    Rear Body    Side Body  

  Door Curtain & Spare Tools     Seats     Floor Mat (Silencer)    Fuel Tank & Engine Oil Tank    Soft Top Door (opt). 

   Front Door & Door Trim (LJ20V)    Door Lock, Door Handle (LJ20V)    Back Door (LJ20V)    Top Bows (opt)

    Ventilator (heater)    Car Heater (Gas Powered) (opt)    PTO Shift Gear Case (opt)    PTO Rear Gear Case (opt) 

    PTO Drive Shaft (opt)

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