The LJ80 came out in 1977 and was the last of the LJ's. The picture above shows the models you could get,  some of the pick-up models came with fold down windshields. There were not to many changes in the body but they did add a larger power plant, a 4-cylinder, 4-stroke 797cc SOHC engine with 41hp this was a nice increase in horse-power over the LJ50. Suzuki was developing and testing this engine for years, there were rumors that they were working on a 4 stroke, their first ever, but Suzuki denied the reports trying to keep it a secret so they can fully develop it before it's release in the LJ80. With this new engine they were able to get more torque plus better fuel efficiency and cleaner emissions than all the other LJ's before. Suzuki added a higher ratio in the transfer case for greater road speeds but kept the low end ratio where it was. This is the point of where Suzuki made a stance in the 4x4 community. 1980 was the last year for the LJ's it was a nice ten year span of great 4x4's.