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      The LJ 10 was introduced in 1970, Suzuki bought out Hopestar Co. and the rights for their ON360 in 1968, Hopestar built 50 ON360's in 1967/1968, the ON360 had a 359cc air-cooled Mitsubishi engine called the ME24, it had 21 horsepower @ 5500 rpm, Suzuki built their own 359 cc engine with 24 hp @ 5500rpm with a compression ratio of 7.3 : 1 but very low-geared, top speed was 50 mph (80 kph) it has  a climbing ability of 27.5 deg. with a gross weight of 1290 pounds (586 kg). Suzuki also introduced their Posi-Force (C.C.I.) oil injection system, this made it very convenient for LJ owners as they would never have to mix the oil and gas together themselves, the CCI would inject oil to the cylinders and the crank case,  the oil that is delivered to the cylinders is 4-5 times greater in quantity than to the crankshaft. LJ's were never exported from Japan to the USA by Suzuki, Intercontinental Equipment Corporation of California imported the LJs to America. They were sold mostly in California, Nevada and Arizona,  the owner of IEC was a race car driver named Tim Sharp. LJ10's were only made as a Soft-top. Suzuki also made some trucks etc. with the same engine as the LJ10, Suzuki called them "Carry" L40(Pickup truck), L41(Same Pickup truck with fold down bed sides) and L40V(Mini Van). Compared to the LJ20 the LJ10 is very rare in the USA. 
Tune up Specifications 
 Point gap is set at 0.4mm (0.0157in) Spark plugs that are recommended is - Nippondenso W22FS,  or NGK B7HS.(NGK numbers have been changed but your part stores will know the new numbers) DO NOT use a hotter plug as it WILL burn a hole in your piston! Below you will find some links for the owners manual, service manual and parts manual.

      LJ10 Owners Manual Complete

     LJ10 Service Manual

     L40/L41/L40V Service Manual More in-depth LJ10 Engine service 

     LJ10 Parts Manual





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