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Visitor Rigs Page 9

These 5 pic's were sent to us from CHILE by Sergio Salgado.









Hi, here I send some pictures of my '86 Samurai, I live in Miami, FL and I've been a 4x4head since very young, the last four pictures were taken during the early eighties when I was like 7 years old, now I'm 22, I'm the boy with the red shirt; the pictures were taken in Colombia in a small town 30kms from Bogotá. I hope I can see my pictures in your website sometime.

Thanks, Cesar Valencia. 

 You bet you can see your pictures Cesar! Thanks for sending them.




Here are some pics of our Suzuki's
Columbus, Ohio....   Jeff Chester Sent us these pictures.




Here is Jeff Pollacks pictures...
Also sent to us by Jeff Chester

See more at www.izook.com


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