CARRY L40/L41/L40V

Reading the service manual they are proud of the "low speed torque and high-speed  engine performance". The Carry has the same engine as the LJ10, 359cc Air-Cooled 2 stroke 2 cylinder with minor differences, it has the same 24hp @ 5500rpm. Overall length is 117.9 in (2,995mm) the width is 51.0 in (1,295mm) height 62.0 in (1,575mm) the bed size is 72.2 length x 47.4 width and the curb weight is 1,124 lb (510kg) with a maximum pay load of 770 lb (350kg). the maximum speed was 60 mph (96 kmh). 

"Suzuki Cycle" August 1969 magazine has an article about the reed valve system in the Carry's

CARRY L40/L41/L40V Service Manual  

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