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We'd like for you to join our LJ registry!
If you own a LJ10 or any LJ please register with lj10.com
we can put your info on this page for others to contact you or at your request we will keep your info confidential, just for our records, but PLEASE anyone who has a LJ register so we can keep track of the LJ's in the USA!! Email ljreg@lj10.com and include name, what year and model (10 etc) how long you have owned it (them) and your email.


Chris Johnson MO 1970 LJ10 Soft Top owned it for 9 years / 1972 LJ20V Hard Top bought it in 1999, and now just got a (May 2000) 1972 LJ20 Soft Top runs good, and came with the top bows and doors. chris@lj10.com

Stephen R. Smith, LJ20 Soft Top manufactured 12/72.  Owned since 5/6/99.  Located in Upper Michigan.  srsmith@up.net

Mike, Summit  Ca. I have a Lj10 soft top.  We have owned it for 3 years.

I have 1 LJ20V closed truck I have owned it for a year . It has snowmobile pistons and brake master from a Toyota other than that it is stock.
I also have the remains of 2 other LJ20`s , but no sheet metal. I prefer to
trade parts and info, some things I will sell. Roger Vise Europutt@aol.com Penngrove Ca

Found stored in a shed, a little rough, missing spare tire, no top, runs, need a few parts to sanitize. I may have bows for soft top.LJ10, Have parts list. Tom Street streetbend@aol.com 

Michael Chapman, Ks. I have an 1972, LJ20, soft top, which I have owned for19 years. It has 38,000 miles on it. gijoedoc@hotmail.com 


Dan O'Connor 1971 LJ-10 Owned 7 Years marlin@catalinas.net Re-Powered with a Honda 4-stroke 20 hp industrial engine in 1998...I can get the old iron if anyone's interested...basket case though.

Scott Sosey, Las Vegas, NV. Bought my '73 LJ20 in 4/96 in Lake Havasu AZ. I have put many desert miles on it, with some repairs and general maintenance. Runs like a champ. I also have a less than complete LJ20 that I use for parts. scottsosey@yahoo.com

Jim Hart, Murray, Ky 1972 LJ20, 6100 original miles, excellent cond. except need carb., In storage for last 10 years. jhart2@apex.net 

197? LJ10 I have had it for 5-6 years I live in Phoenix AZ David Chapman
Coinarian@aol.com Pictures of it Visitors Rigs page

     My name is Alan Clarke and I own a 1974 LJ20 softtop, which I have owned for 14 years. In 1992 I had it restored to its original stock condition. I live in Australia and am a committee member of the Suzuki 4x4 club of Western Australia.
There was only 104 LJ20s ever imported into Western Australia (all softtops), and there are not very many of them left.
 I am interesting in hearing from any other LJ owners, especially stock condition vehicles.
Alan Clarke.  alanlj_au@yahoo.com.au 

My name is Troy McCormick from Bellingham, Washington.  I bought a ' 72 LJ20 when I was 16.  It was running when I bought it but it died.  The cylinders were all chewed up inside.  We had them redone but have not had it running yet.  It is back in Madison Wisconsin in storage.  I am hoping to get it out here so I can rebuild it.  It is all original except I think the back seat may be different.  It is starting rusting out in the floor and the panels but I am still hoping to save it.  I am 27 now and have never driven a vehicle that was more fun.  I would love to find a good running engine to put into it.  Please let me know if anyone has one!  I was sure excited to find this page - for a long time it was a struggle to find parts and my manual is missing lots of pages.    tnt25@gateway.net 


This LJ20 was owned by my dad. He had it for several years. I don't remember who he got it from. I think it is a 72. He pulled this thing behind his motor home all over the country. He and Mom would park some where and use the LJ20 to site see in. It has been to the
top of Pikes Peak, the Grand Canyon and I climbed Radar Hill at Fort Hood with it. A buddy couldn't make it with a bad ass Bronco.
I am just starting to rebuild the little bugger, I will be needing some parts. Appreciate any help you can give.
Nolan TMarsh4028@aol.com  

I have two LJ20s  both are soft tops. One is original in mint condition I
have owned it since 1983 and was lucky enough to buy the last Bestop soft
top  they had available for the Mini Brute. The top is on the truck and I
don't think the truck has spent a night outside since I put the top on. The
other truck is has a Datsun 4 cylinder that some  friends put in it but the
engine has been blown for 10 years or so, so they gave me the truck as a
parts truck 3 or 4 years ago. Bob in Wyoming e-mail   rmccue@hsklaw.com

WOW I finally found a page on these machines...I have a 1973 I believe with about 30,000 miles on it, my grandfather bought it new and gave it to me right after I got out of High School 9 years ago, I started the project to get it running again, not really sure where I left off..wasnt exactly the best mechanic right out of High School, so now I'm attempting to continue this project, The motor was frozen, so we got it to turn over, and start, but it smoked BAD, so I tore it down, and both pistons were cracked, I did get new pistons, a new head, and a head gasket for it from Suzuki, also new rings too, do you know of a good ring compressor to use for these tiny pistons, its kinda weird since there's a small bevel on the cylinder wall????  If I could find an running engine I'd be interested in it.  I live in the San Francisco Bay Area. email is hcrimmins@home.com

I  have a LJ20 and this site is just what I needed to find, great site keep u the great work bigbaddave@hotmail.com 

I bought my LJ20VL in 1981 and it has sat ever since. I did get some parts
for it in 1984 or 5 but I am just now (2000) starting to restore it. Body #
108469, Eng # 192488. It also has sticker on it that says it was imported by
the Intercontinental Equipment Corp. Needs secondary muffler, standard
wheels, rounded front bumper, access panel on rear door, lots of engine work
and a windshield. wchutc3@aol.com or 502-897-2373.

4/2000: Just purchased Mike Summit's LJ10 - drove 1,650 miles in two days to
get it!  Anyway, CA registration says it is a '72, but we know that is untrue
(probably a late '71 that was shipped over in '72)  Runs pretty good, but
smokes a lot.  Clutch/ tranny needs some work but I hope to get it in good
working order soon.  At first glance, I know it needs the following:  OEM
turn signal, brake lights (F and R), front bumper, seats and springs.  Any
info/ resources regarding the finding of parts for these vehicles would be
greatly appreciated.  I've been told that the Suzuki dealership in Yakima, WA
can get some parts for LJ's, but have not confirmed this.  If I find any
resources, I will send them here to be posted. SteveCaudl@aol.com 

Greetings from Japan, and what a great website! It's good to know
that there are others out there who appreciate these fantastic little
I'm from Wisconsin, came to Japan 7 years ago. I have a '73 LJ20V
that I got almost 3 years ago from the grandfather of some students of mine
(I teach English). He had driven it until about 1987, and then decided to
park it because it was getting expensive to drive; the law in Japan at that
time was that vehicles over 13 years old had to be inspected every year, a
ploy to sell lots of new cars. He couldn't bear to junk it, though, kept it
behind the house for 10 years and gave it to me when the family decided to
add on to the house (no more parking space). I spent about 2 months getting
it into shape; the brakes were rusted solid and a very large colony of ants
was inhabiting what was left of the soundproofing material under the floor
mats. There was virtually no rust, however, and with a good rubbing (to
remove the black mildew that covered everything) and a few coats of wax it
looked pretty good. The laws have eased; I took it through inspection
myself (now 2 years for any car regardless of age) and have been driving it
ever since. Changed the drive shafts from a 70 LJ10 that I picked up (also
free) to restore some day because they are a bit more solid (and greasable
U-joints). The exhaust manifold had worked a bit loose by last inspection
and when I tried to tighten the bolts the 1st and last of the three broke.
I couldn't quite get the 1st out with the cylinders in place (although I
removed quite a bit of skin in the attempt) and ended up taking off the
head and cylinders. So there were the pistons and everything right there in
the open...Now sporting new 0.5mm over Suzuki ceramic pistons and fresh
bores. Anyhow to make a long story come to an end I love driving the thing;
there's mountains everywhere here and not too many places I can't get into.
I would be GLAD to help anyone over there with parts. There are
almost no LJ20's on the road here; most have been sadly abandoned to rust
away or be crushed. However, this means that there's not much demand for
the parts that Suzuki still has in stock. Body panels are no longer
available here, and no tailpipes, although most everything else I've wanted
so far can be had new from Suzuki or aftermarket. Brake shoes, cap and
rotor kits, points and stuff like that are plentiful and reasonably cheap.
Pistons and rings are also readily available. I also have a 3 LJ20's
stashed for parts, although they're a little picked over I suppose I'd
trade some stuff off those...? I don't mind scrounging around; feel free to
put my name and e-mail address on your site.
Scott Fabisch
Matsumoto, Japan   scofab@missv3.matsumoto.ne.jp 

Have 1 72 LJ-20 in excellent condition, less than 18,000 original miles. Soft
top, always garaged. Also quite complete 72 LJ-20 parts jeep for sale,
$750.00. Am in New Mexico.

Rob Bevington 

We are the proud new owners of a 1972 LJ 20 Hardtop. It is in really
great shape and needs only minor repairs like brake wheel cylinders and
a front drive shaft. We came across this jeep at a car show last month
(April 2000) and it really drew some crowds. There were many higher
offers made on the jeep after our purchase.. It may be available for
resale but haven't decided yet... if interested e-mail  rodnee@warwick.net 

I have a 72" LJ-10 (Verified)  with 24,000 miles on it.  It was bought new
by my uncle in 72'.  he gave it to me in 80' for my first car.  I drove it
for 5 years then parked it.  I started working on it in Sept. 99'.  It is
running now.  I am now working on the lights.  (Anyone with lighting parts,
let me know.)  I am having trouble with the charging system.  I have been
taking it out to the "river" every weekend and it is the talk.  It has been
a lot of fun.  Anyone want to talk about their "lil zuk"  E-mail me at

Robert O'Neal
Amarillo, Texas

Hi i have one lj20  me and my lj20 live in Minnesota.

I have a 1972 LJ-10 with what shows as 28,000 original miles.. Found in
Las Vegas. It was running great but the aluminum housing which holds the
starter motor on  the front of the engine cracked while being towed. I am
going to try to have welded but if anyone has a parts engine (mine is
2cyl-air #988611) I would like to hear from you. Dick Dotts in South
Pasadena, CA    e-mail    ddotts@dms-services.com  Thanks!

My name is Scott Bradley, I own a 1972 hardtop lj20 that is in working
condition. I have owned my lj for about a year and a half. I live in
phoenix, I purchased it outside of Coolidge, Arizona. The history behind my
lj is a forest ranger moved from Canada to Flagstaff, Arizona then retired
in southern Arizona were it was sold then resold to me. I am looking for a
front grill and front bumper  Email: Sark@c2i2.com

Interesting site.  I was beginning to wonder if I had the only one left.  I purchased my 1972 LJ10 soft top from the original owner in 1978 when it had about 3k on the odometer.  We used it regularly until the mid 1980's then parked it.  The odometer cable had broke at about 10k and I'd guess we've put another 2000 miles on it since.  About 5 years ago we got the urge and took it out of mothballs.  We parked it again the next year as it had developed an occasional front end shimmy at about 10 mph  If I pull over, stop, start over and get it above 10 mph it's O.K.  Everything seems to be tight & secure in the front end.  Still has the original tires.  Have any suggestions?    Tony Cooper - Meridian, Idaho. bgcooper@micron.net 

Terence Murphy, LJ20 Soft Top 1972 20,000 miles.  Just purchased out of
barn.  Non-stock rims otherwise all original.  Rust on rockers.
Missing top but has bows.  Looking to buy top and other parts (mirrors,
rims, etc.).  Not running at this time.  murphyterencep@johndeere.com                                     

Items in red are changes      10/15/2000

I have a 1981 German Spec. LJ80Q. I have accomplished multiple modifications to improve its already super off road performance. It is a daily driver that is used regularly off road to the embarrassment of a few so called proper 4x4s (read Jeep and Land Rover). The following are the modifications that I have already accomplished.

- Bobbed front fenders (for the flat fender look )
- 4 inch suspension lift (shackles and a combination of SJ410 and LJ 80 spring packs)
- fiberglass tub and front fenders
- 4 inch wheel arch extensions ( Home made)
- 215 R 75 15 Cooper Mud Terrain tires (195R15 stock size)
- 8 spoke wheels off a SJ410
- Extended differential vents ( Home Made)
- air intake snorkel ( Home Made )
- modified door hinges allow doors to be lifted off
- new rear frame cross member and valance panel due to old member being pulled completely off of the truck while extracting a Jeep Wrangler.
- New seats out of a SJ410
- Jerry can holder
- front disk brakes off of a SJ410 (requires SJ steering knuckles, spindles, brake assemblies. and toe in will require to be adjusted 3/4 inch on each side and a hybrid axle using LJ main axle and inner cv bearing race and SJ stub axle and burfield joint relatively bolt on
- extended front brake lines (Suzuki alto front brake lines) note lines off of a Honda civic sedan will work also)
- 80 channel FM cb radio (UK & EU) had to remove 40 channel (US) unit do to legalities here in the UK
- Magellan GPS 315 ( for navigation and accurate speedometer due to larger tires and broken cable)
- Grade/tilt gauge (gauge maxis out before the LJ does)
- Tachometer
- large internal storage container to store recovery gear
- 2000lb electric winch mounted on custom "A" frame front bumper
- 4 driving lights
- 2 tow hooks on front bumper assembly
- 2 tow rings on rear cross member
- polyurethane bushings on front and rear springs
- Clarion AM/FM cassette stereo system
- ATV safety flag
- Custom paint (as in photo)
- SWR meter
- alarm system
- Hood mounted 48" Hi Lift Jack
Planned future mods ( have parts on hand just need the time)
- front lock out hubs (Samurai units)
- rear disk brakes using Samurai front brakes
- 5 speed transmission off a SJ410
- underbody illumination for front and rear axles
Other possible modifications
- larger fuel tank
- full roll cage
- piggy back transmission in lieu of a larger engine (use lower gearing instead of more power)
- front locker to complement the factory rear ( standard on German spec LJ80s)
- Spring over axle lift
- larger tires
- engine swap for ( possible 1.3 fuel injected Sami engine)
I will close for now. I hope that LJ80s are also welcome in the register. I am currently living in the United Kingdom but I desire to import my LJ to the states when I rotate back so if any one has any information concerning importing these exceptional little vehicles I would like to hear from you. I will send some photos when I get them scanned.

To see a pic of my LJ click here



1982's white Suzuki LJ80 Soft Top.
I bought it July 26th 2000 from a guy in Southern France that inherited it
from his grandfather. The old man had it from many years on its boat, and
used it only in the ports he stopped, along the Mediterranean Spanish coast.
As the boat was registered in Gibraltar, the Suzuki also was. And still is:
as no Suzuki 4x4 cars were imported to France before the SJ410, it is
complicated to register it here legally. That's why the guy sold it, quite
cheap (10,000 FF, that's 1400 USD).
Except a few rust on three or four places, the car is in excellent condition,
and I drove it way back home (800 km) without any problem despite it was
almost unused for the last 5 years. For mentioned difficulties to get French
plates, I only use it on the fields around my farm, with no top, no doors,
and the front glass down. It's a very fine car !
Lommoye, France

Mike Roy - Vancouver WA - 1971 LJ - 13K on the clock - but I bet that most of that is from being towed. Runs perfect - resleeved the brake cylinders a few years ago. I have a Datsun 1.3 engine that I want to install when I get the time. Anyone have any pointers on this installation? Has the aftermarket white spoke 15" wheels and Armstrong tires. One wheel was bent pretty good and caused a heck of a shimmy - I ended up shimming out the lug nuts with washers and it rides quite a bit better. If I do end up putting in new motor I will probably have a very nice original engine for sale. coasties@home.com 

I have 2 lj-20 soft tops  1-good condition  1-excellent condition( all orig.)
17,000   act. mi.      my name is BUZZ - Tennessee    judylowej@aol.com      

Clovile LeMieux - Brookhaven Ms. 1972? LJ20 just got it from my wife's uncle it has been sitting for 10 years not running yet ,waiting on parts and operations manual. Would like to here from anybody who has some tips for a first time owner .

I have a 1972 LJ20 that I picked up in 1984. 52,000 original miles and runs
perfect. The only thing it needs is rear motor and transfer mounts which I am
having trouble locating. Am considering re-vulcanizing mine but set-up costs
are pretty high. I also have complete power train and running gear but no
frame or body for a second LJ20.
I live in Arizona.

My name is Shawn Nerren and I live in Nacogdoches, TX.  I own a 72' LJ20.  My dad bought it 10/73 from Suzuki South Central (a dealer in Oklahoma City) as a low mileage demo unit. The funny thing about test driving it before buying it was that it had no wheels on it. Someone had stolen them twice, so my dad just tested it where it sat. He bought it on the spot and after putting new wheels on it again, he DROVE it home. It was a hit from the start with my family and most everybody that saw it. The little Suzu has been down almost every pipeline and backcountry trail in Nacogdoches County.
In 82' it was parked awaiting an engine rebuild, but sat until 91',when I rebuilt it and began driving it. Sadly, it had to be put in storage again because of an imput shaft failure two years ago. I am hoping to find a new shaft and some other much-needed parts to get it back on the road again!
If anyone has an imput shaft for sale, or other parts, let me know.  My e-mail is snerren93@inu.net


I have a 1972 LJ20 that I picked up in 1984. 52,000 original miles and runs
perfect. The only thing it needs is rear motor and transfer mounts which I am
having trouble locating. Am considering re-vulcanizing mine but set-up costs
are pretty high. I also have complete power train and running gear but no
frame or body for a second LJ20.
I live in Arizona.    FRANKSHEET@aol.com 

Hi; my name is Lonnie Thompson. I live in Ohio. I like Suzuki's. I have
a `72 LJ20 soft top that I got in 1981. put it in garage to keep for
restoration. still waiting to restore. In `93 got a     1980 LJ80V; 800cc
4 cylinder. looked pretty good. ran great. had some rust. still runs but
got so rusty from driving it through 5 winters with all the salt they
put on roads here had to stop driving it. now needs massive body and
floor rust caused reconstruction. I hope to get it fixed someday. It was
really fun to drive and totally dependable. In `95 got a 1972 Suzuki
Carry-L50 pick-up truck which I drive regularly.   It's dependable and a
lot of fun to drive. Finally a request for help. I need 2 head gaskets
for the LJ20 360cc water cooled engine. one so I can put the engine
together for my LJ20 soft top and a spare to keep in reserve for it and
my L50 truck. Does anybody know where to get any??? Any help will be
greatly appreciated.  email to ( thecitcollector@webtv.net

I just bought a 72 lj20 soft top ( no top) has been sitting for several years
got it running but smokes real bad

Timothy Ashmore
Henderson, Texas

recently I bought a 79 LJ80 in bad to fair condition. The previous owner did
start to restore the car but ran into some financial problems and had to
sell the engine after rebuilding all suspension and steering components. The
body was sanded to bare metal but that is where it stopped as the truck was
parked and covered by  plastic sheets which let water thru. The bare metal was
not coated with any primer so you can imagine what it looks like after 3
years. The windshield frame is rotten, I'll have to fix is as I can't find a
 Plans are to get it running ASAP and then slowly modify it as a trail rig
using only Suzuki parts. As for now I'll install a Nissan A14 engine &
transmission which I got cheap and will adapt to the original transfer case.
Here in Costa Rica you still can find quite a few Lj's, even being used as
daily drivers . Will post pics as soon as we get started.
Mike   mischa@racsa.co.cr

Kenneth Chapman
Owner of Ken's Motorcycle
I own 2 1972 LJ20 Jeeps.  One, vin# 103912 I purchased in 1980, the other, vin # 103903, I purchased later in 1985.  I am not wanting to sell my Jeeps, but I would like to share information with other owners.
Ken's Motorcycle Shop
1304 E. Main St.
Eastland, TX 76448

I have a LJ 20 I picked up out of a junk yard . poor little thing looked
lonely sitting in the back .   The pervious owner was restoring it and
gave up .   Now I am completing the restoration on it .   All of the
parts were stored inside which included a new soft top in the box with
bows and fasteners too .  All parts except for the MOTOR .   Would it be
wrong to restore it and put it back as an electric vehicle ?  I have the
parts for this .
I have owned it for about five years now and work on it as I can .
I live in Gainesville  Georgia ,
Any good motors out there ?

My name is Pravira Pravitra and I live in Bangkok, Thailand.
Brief history of the car :
- Purchased by my my uncle (when he was still alive) in year 1998
the log book indicated first time registration in 1997.
- Passed on to me about 5 years later.
- spent most of it's time in the north of Thailand called Chiang Mai
for about 7 years before I brought it to Bangkok.
- Used to enjoy life up and down the mountains while in the north
(me and the car plus any who took part) but the mileage is pretty low though. Been to
Burma borders twice through the ups and downs the mountains and one time carried as
many as 9 adults with the engine still kicking!
- Though still in road worthy conditions, it deserves a little rest
and runs around the blocks now and then..
- Almost rust free and almost everything still in original form.
- Now having braking system overhauled and the authorized agent
manages to get original parts coming in from Japan plus others such as front
grille, all rear light sets, (front indicator and parking light discontinued) and a few others.

- Believed to be one of very few in Thailand, probably less than 10
- All in original conditions except fuel pump now using electric
pump and a few front indicator and parking light lens instead.
- Chassis # : LJ50-110238
- Engine # : 110403
- Colour : White with black
A photo attached and more can be sent to you if required but they are to
be after the break overhaul is complete.
I have also managed to get a photo copy set each of parts and service
manual for LJ-50 (enlarged to A4 size) and would be happy to make another set to send to
you if these would help you and our global Suzuki collector friends.
Let me know if you need any other detailed information from my part.
Thanks and best regards,
Pravira Pravitra   

To see picture of Pravira's LJ50 click here

I purchased a 1971 LJ10 from original owner back in 1981. It was being stored
up on Saddle-Back Mountain California (Just outside of Lake Isabella) in a
garage under a cabin. I have taken it to Mexico, Canada, and lots of points
in-between especially the Sierra Mountains in central Ca. Rebuilt engine
about 10 years ago when parts were still plentiful. I will check up on some
of my old parts contacts and let you know if they still do business in LJ10
parts. I have the LJ10 "parts catalog", "owners manual" and the infamous "All
About The Suzuki 4-Wheelers Guide To Comfortable And Safe Driving". If anyone
would like info from these pubs let me know.
I now live in Lacey Washington and use the LJ to get around the property,
still runs good.

Douglas Brennan dbren5555@aol.com 

I found a 1972 lj20o in a shed in my backyard. The owner of the house laughed
about it and gave it to me for free. It is in good shape and runs but, I need
help finding parts


Donald Hokenson  Maplewood, Minnesota donaldhokenson@webtv.net  I have
owned a 1972 LJ20 for 6 years, has original tires and only 15,000 on it.
Brought it from original owner who had it in storage for 8 years. I use
it and a 1988 Suzuki to take wildlife videos, great fun. Check out my
web site at: www.hokiewildlife.com  

CLICK HERE to see a pic of Donald's rig

Hi, I'm Miyata Keisuke$B!!(B(nickname: KENIZO ) in Japan.
$B!H(BLJ10.com" It saw it. Because I was LJ10 owner, sympathy was very remembered.
I have LJ10-1(first version 1970) and four LJ10-2(second version 1971).
We have owned it for 2 years.
I want to make friends with $B!H(BLJ" owners in the world and to exchange
(To tell the truth, it is not so good at English but. )
My best regards in the future.

Miyata Keisuke

4x4 Roll over News (KOROGARI News)

Mailing List $B!H(BLJ10club"(japanese) in H.P.
 LJ10,LJ20,SJ10(LJ50),SJ20(LJ80) only. (Narrow body LJ is better.)

I own since 1993 one LJ50 78model in running condition,70000km ,soft top, lots of fun -goes everywhere here in Mytilini island Greece, Kimon, e-mail kimviol@hol.gr 

I have a 1980 LJ80  which has been very modified over the years............ check out the write-up on http://www.BC4x4.com
 although not too many original LJ parts remain , I think it still has the spirit of the original
machine......... happy trails, Ben Olson
Cam Wright   
Victoria BC
I own a 79 LJ80 hard top that has been modified for heavy off-road use. I stated with a spring over and 31 10.5 Bridgestone mud duelers. Then I welded the rear diff and trusted the axles and added a external cage and bumpers. That worked great until I blow the motor on a wheeling trip in Sooke. I want to sick with the stock Suzuki but I wanted more power.  So I rebuild the 800 with Suzuki motor cycle pistons and rods, ground stock cam, decked block, custom header, intake and carb off 1000cc SJ410. So far the new has worked great and has a lot of power and wheels great.

I have a 1980 Suzuki LJ 80 which I purchased new in 1981. The automobile now
been driven 33,000 kilometers since new. I have had minor fuel pump troubles
and have replaced the battery twice in the past twenty years. The car is a
soft top with canvas doors. I added a tachometer in 1985. The car has only
one year of winter driving in 1992-93.

At some point the exhaust manifold cracked - I suspected it was hot and I
got it wet either in a puddle or in a car wash. I am commencing the process
of finding a replacement.  Anyone with any suggestions would be appreciated


T. Bert Rose

My name is Jack Chen .I owned SUZUKI LJ50 soft top just for two months.
I lived in Taiwan R.O.C. I need the front gate bars & the front , rear
signal lamp plastic cover. I would greatly appreciate any help finding
those parts.   easy.wear@msa.hinet.net 

Hi! I own a Suzuki LJ80 -79. One of only six existing here in Sweden. I have had the car for one year now, it's going to be restored for really hardcore offroad driving (my plans for now anyway). I think I will make a SPOA and put my grabber 30" on it, and maybe a lockright in the rear. Kim Emilsson, Sweden   k.emilsson@telia.com 

My name is Dave I have a 1972 LJ20 that I have owned since 1979.  It is
currently my wife's daily driver.  We live in Lighthousepoint Fl.  I am
currently looking for a set of stock piston rings. Natskipat@AOL.com 

Owner  Rob Townsend from Sheffield, England. 1979 lj80v soft top
this summer rob has done a lot of work on it and its now going great on and
especially off road see our pics

Glad I found your great site. I have a LJ10 and have had it for about 10
years. I traded a Honda 4 wheeler for it. Had no idea what I had until
tonight. I use it to haul brush and trees on my 6 acres. I think I was
told it was on a dude ranch and people used it on trail rides. It has
10,000 miles on it and runs great. No real rust never been on the road
for all this time. I better take better care of it. What is it worth?
Its yellow in color with brown leather seats. It did come with a rag top
,but its bad shape now. The only problem I have with it is the master
brake cylinder, it leaks. We even took it to the drag strip once ran a
blistering 33sec. 1/4 mile at 35mph. I also have a 55 Chevy drag car. How
many of these bad boys are still around? Any way my name is Dennis
Hagymasi, I live in Plattsmouth Ne. You have my e-mail
Dennis the Menace

Since 1987 I drive Suzuki 4x4. Starting with a Suzuki LJ80V. Since 1999
I own the white Suzuki LJ80Q. (1980)

Greetings from The Netherlands

Henri Berends

To see a picture of Henri's rig: http://www.lj10.com/rigs5.htm 

Hello my name is DeWayne, I have recently purchased my LJ  just about 2
months ago. It's a soft top but has no canvas with it only the bows and door
frames .I've been thinking of getting a blue plastic tarp from Wal-Mart for
my winter top. It was originally purchased from a Datsun dealership in
Harrison Ark. It has 26,000 miles and is running good. The manufactured date
is 9/72.   MooreFishFarm@aol.com 

1982 Suzuki LJ80 Hardtop, stripped down to frame rails, rebuilt, interior painted, upholstery done, tunes ready to fit. 42k
1986 SJ410 Softop, Avignon Yellow, new bull bar today, fogs, read jump seat, 120 Watt CD etc... loads of laughs
1987 SJ413 LWB pickup, frame rails cut, wiring and hitch welded on, makes great flat bed drop side trailer with confusing extra hitch!
Have LJ80 Cylinder head, Refurb'd cylinder head, grille, front bumper and fiddly bits spare. UK located, on the Net professionally with spare parts firm, can I help in the UK?


Dear Friends. 
I am a happy possessor of Lj80v-II is really a giant
of small size. 
He is my faithful partner in my exits to hunt. I live
in Uruguay, South America. We have had the luck to
travel part of the Amazon forest and of the Paraguayan
forest, with the I have almost traveled in a single
trip 10000 Km. and without any problem. I comment them
that I possess great stock of reserves of the Lj80.
Who she/he needs them him to communicate with I crumb.

tenho um suzuki lj20 de 1974, que recuperei totalmente. Apenas me falta o manual de instruções. Estou disposto a pagar o que for preciso a quem me encontrar um manual de instuções em bom estado para o meu querido lj20.
Tenho peças de um lj80 que poderia trocar. Por favor contactem -me.

Here it is translated..,

ola I have one suzuki lj20 of 1974, that I recouped total. But it lacks the manual to me of instructions. I am made use to pay what lj80 will be necessary to who to find me a manual of instuções in good condition for my beloved lj20. Has one parts that could change. Please they contactem - me josebarata@aeiou.pt


Alex S Clarke
Somerset England
1982 LJ80 hardtop
1986 SJ410 Soft top
1988 SJ413 pickup converted into a trailer
Some contact information for Suzuki parts in the UK.
E-Mail:    Lulgate@freeserve.co.uk 

hi my name is Bennie I just got a1973 lj10 love it it needs master cylinder and carb. any help would be nice
I have a LJ20 for 30 years and I'v had it in storage for 26 years and it has 16,900 miles on it.
Some of  the miles were registered  by being on a tow bar it has all original paint and never broke down. It has all the stickers on it from tire pressure to oil light heater and vent control and four wheel drive shifting patterns. These    stickers are little paper stickers. The body has some miner rusting around lower esegs of body. All original top and doors. All original tires and wheels, owners manual and tools.  Aclay@pernet.net

I am 16 but I don't live in America, i live in Australia. Anyway way my dad
bought 4 lj50 from 1979 and 89. They were used as farm vehicles until they
all wore out so within the last 6 months i made 1 out of 4 and got it going.
And i was wondering if someone out there could give me some advice because
the oil pump has been put on the leanest setting and it's still pumping two
much oil and stops the plug's from firing.

IF someone would be kind enough to help please e-mail to me at



My name is Romualdo and I live in Puerto Rico.  I own a 1980 LJ80 soft top since 1999 .  It has 1000cc engine and transmission.  Engine was modified and has traction tires.  It has MSD high vibration coil and MSD ignition control. I repaired engine about four times because I run very fast in the mud. ccasiano@coqui.net 

My name is Dean Caldwell, I own 2 1972 LJ10 Suzuki Brutes, 

One has a snowplow mounted on it and is used to plow snow on sidewalks downtown where I live, which is Minot, North Dakota.  We do occasionally get snow.  It has just under 10000 miles on it.  The second one has about 5000 miles on it and is really nice.  The only thing missing are the fender mirrors which were taken off and were lost. It is totally original including the tires.  I also bought all the parts the local dealer had for this model. So far the 10000 mile one has been running so well I probably won't ever need the other one.  fordy7@ndak.net  Dean Caldwell, 122-2 South Main Street, Minot, No. Dak. 58701 

Richard, Germany (wish to drive my LJ in Texas) I bought my LJ 80 new in 1983, one of the last delivered Models here. Did it's duty reliable till 2000. Then completely restored and equipped with 275/15 Tires, painted FERRARI red, it's a show car, but nevertheless allowed for public roads.
Greeting to all American friends of the LJ-Family       berimbo@aol.com

Manny Severo, Model: LJ80 - 1979, Hard top, Owned it since Sept 2000. Stock
& In very good condition. Am from Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
E-mail: SoundLoft_ca@yahoo.com

My name is Greg and I own a 1970 LJ10. I have owned it since 1978.  My E-mail is


Gerald Koch (Pfalz/Germany), Model: LJ80 (1982) Soft top. I'm Owner since Dec. 2001
The condition is not so well (rust), much work...
(Pics at my LJ80 Homepage: http://www.g02.de)
Greetings Gerald

Hi my name is Chris Rassu I bought my LJ as a basket case 3 years ago for $175.00. I have been working on it for two years now. I have converted it to a samurai 1300cc engine & running gear. It also has Toyota power steering and sit's on 33" tires. I just finished the roll cage last month and hope to be on the road by spring. A samurai also donated the power brakes. I have 5:83 gears and lockers front & back. I first saw a LJ when I was walking home in 1981 and it stuck in my head ever since. I've owned jeeps and trucks in the past but my LJ is my pride and joy! when it's done I'll post pictures. Keep em ROLLING! ckrassu@netzero.net      


Hi There my name is Gary I bought a lj50 for $100 in emu plains NSW Australia and all I had to do is put fuel in it but I am restoring it for my kids to use at mudgee at learn to drive but I need help in tuning the 4x4 can atone help please email me at jag40@emunet.com.au

Hi, My name is Huub van der Palen, live in the Netherlands in a town called
Veldhoven, and I am the proud owner of 2 LJ-80's. One of them is a '81 and
the other is a '80 building year. Hereby I include a picture of one of them.
Greetings from Huub (telephone +31621 652 437)

We own a 1973 L-50, looking for pistons for the engine. Kelly-Moss
Motorsports mail to kmrparts@mailbag.com or call 608-274-5054.

Hello, my name is Paul and I bought my LJ20V in '85 for 300$ not
running with 23000 miles on it, the #1 piston had scored the cylinder
so I got some oil lines, pistons, and other parts from the Suzuki
dealer, had it bored out to 1mm oversize, about '87, drove it less
than a hundred miles and blew the head gasket. A couple years ago I
found someone with an open top LJ20 who was gonna put in a 3.8 V6 to
sell me a clutch, a seat, and a head gasket. Well the gasket leaked
coolant into the cylinder, which rusted, so now I'm wondering about
putting in a 4 cylinder. pwdaura@earthlink.net

Scott Montgomery, Saskatoon Saskatchewan: I have 2 lj80v's, one my girlfriend bought from her sister about five years ago that is good mechanically but has a lot of rust, and the other i bought today that is in great shape and is a prospector edition. both have about 60000 km on them.

I thought I was the only one with one of these!  I've had mine (LJ10 soft
top) since about 1974.  I put a Mazda RX7 Rotary with a 5 speed in it in
about 1980.  This combination WILL scare you!  It is in great shape but it
has been stored for about 10 years. Randy, Salt Lake City, Utah

Hello from Australia, I am very impressed with this Website. After seeing an LJ80 do really well in the Australian Tuff Truck Challenge, I decided to drag one of my LJ Suzuki's out of the padock, It is a 1979 model LJ 80 soft top, I have fitted a 1300cc Toyota Corolla engine to it, and a 4 speed gearbox to match, it is going to be my budget off roader. I also have (as a donor vehicle), a 1976 LJ 50 with a 2 stroke 3 cylinder motor.


I have a 1972 LJ 20, all original, good shape, 26,000 miles, no top.
I need front grill, fenders, mirrors, and soft top.
I also have 6 Samurai's, and one Extreme Rock Crawler....
Come to the ZookiMelt in Attica. See izook.com for info, and our rigs.
I can email pics.
We are also going to produce after market skid plates, rockers,
gas tank plates, etc.. for the LJ's.
email me at: jeff@chesternet.net

Steven Roddy 'New' owner of a 1981 LJ80 'Soft top' w/ 37,500 miles & bought it for $300.00 with spare transfer case and tranny. It has 15" offset (Ford) rims W/ 31x 12.5 and SPOA. Everything else is stock and works! Well...except the brakes. So, I use the emergency brake! Oh, it's used on a ranch in Kahuku, Hawaii
I also own a 1987 Samurai

Michel Lemay, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Bought my LJ80V here in Edmonton with 91000 kms in November of 2001 ( if it hasn't dailed over yet?). Got it for hunting and drivin' around town. Great on fuel and does very well in winter. I'm told from previous owner it's completely original. I'd like to think so.
ps... You've got a great visitor's page. I'll work at getting some pics included. Thank you. michellemay@shaw.ca

Via some hyperlinks I came to your site.
Haven't seen it all yet, looks good sofar.
I own a LJ80 from '81, wich I took apart some two years ago.
pictures can be found at http://home.wisch.net/~wbuis

I purchased my 1972 LJ10 in April 1997 in Anchorage Alaska.  It was purchased from a retired military man that brought it over from the Island of Midway.  The steering in on the left hand side.  Love it to death.  I owned a lodge remotely in Alaska.  We loaded it on a snowmachine freight sled and took it up the Yentna River 40 miles by snowmachine.  It has been all over the "Bush".  Recently, it was loaded once again on a freight sled and returned to civilization (40 miles down the Yentna River).  It has an inverter under the hood to run power equipment.  The soft top is in excellent shape.  Would love to hear from people with LJ10's.  My e-mail address is www@mtaonline.net.  I am looking for a Manuel and I'm in desperate need of a clutch.  The "jeep" now resides in Willow Alaska.

I have a 1978 ( I think ) LJ80 hard top, that we've had since I was born. Been trying to make it registerable again. The body isn't too rusted but the valves are shot. Wondering about the head thickness too. Fixing it up as it is the only vehicle I can imagine driving.

Hi, my name is Bob , I'm in N.Calif.  A friend just gave me a 72 LJ 20
hardtop which he had no further use for.  I have not gotten it running yet
but don't expect to have much trouble with that.  The master brake cyl is
junk, does anyone know of a bolt-in replacement?  Heard there is one Toyota
model that will work.  Reach me at:

My name is Gerald Koch from Germany, I bought my 2nd LJ 80 a view days ago for 1500 Euro. It's a very nice rig, no rest and mostly original. You can see my LJ80 at the German lj80-friends page www.lj80-freunde.de (look there at the LJ Gallery>>Geralds LJ#2).
You will find there a download of the German user manual and much more information over lj80's in German language.
My eMail: gerald@lj80-freunde.de
Hi, I own a 1981 LJ 80 V, and it has only 40,000 kms. Mint condition, and everything works. If anyone knows of a Suzuki club close to me please let me know. Kamloops, British Columbia.        Paul Petroczi   ctas0355@shaw.ca


I bought a 1979 LJ80 soft top, it is very rusty, none of the gauges work (although the dash lights up).
I took it off roading and does it go! Although the clutch is weak, it goes anywhere.
I rebuilt the steering box, put an electric fuel pump on it, a custom air cleaner assy, A winch, custom front bumper. I plan on welding in new floors, new seats, tach, water temp gauge, speedometer, new clutch.
I am in the process of buying an other hard top in good shape but needs a water pump.
Aaron Blair

Hi you all,

I'm Gianmaria Coari and I write from Italy. I Own a Suzuki Lj model 80. It is a canvass top one painted in orange (its original colour) with a white soft top and also a white bikini for summer. It has been registered in 1980 and since then till when I bought it in November 2001 It had just one owner: a group of ecological surveillants. Now it looks like a new one. Its paint is as brilliant as 23 years ago, it has 2 sets of tyres (one for the street and one for the mud) and a couple of auxiliary lamps by Carello. It is equipped with front disk brakes and with Koni shock absorbers. Now it "lives" in Varazze, in Liguria, on the seaside, close to his "brother": a white Lj 80 that initially should have been a source of spare parts and, on the contrary, is now becoming as nice as the orange one.

See You, and have fun with your Ljs


Tore A. Strand in Norway own 1 of 5 LJ 20 witch arrived Norway in 1973. I
have owned the car for 8 years now.
My friend Mads have also one, so I think we have the two LJ 20 witch is
alive in Norway!


My name is Ben I live in Brisbane Australia I own a 1977 LJ 50 hardtop in
good condition it is a great car and i have had great fun with it ,it is on
its second engine as the first one died on me ,I have also owned a 1982 model
lj80 hardtop which was in immaculate condition when I bought it 2 years ago
only having 82000 clicks on it it was a beautiful unmolested example with
original purchase receipt and tyres but alas I rolled it and killed it , i am
at present looking to buy another lj50 but a softop so if there is anyone who
knows where i can get one in Brisbane e mail me at benjyde2001@yahoo.com.au
or phone 0408860242 even just to get together driving Suzuki LJ 50 style
.great site I will post my LJ photos when I can get to a scanner

giday I'm from Australia i own a LJ50 i brought it in 1977 and it is sill working today the only problem is that it has a crank shaft rattle and because in Australia it would cost $1000 or more to fix so I've been told. can any one help me? please Email me at Lavery@.MCS.net.au

hola amigos yo soy chileno y tengo un lj-50v año 78 aqui les envio unas
fotos de mi jeep
ojala me puedan responder


I am Mads Zimmermann and I'm from Norway.

I own one of two LJ20 who is still alive in Norway.

I don’t know of any else in Nord-Europe.


I have just started restoring it.

The engine had not been started since 1981. It took me 3 ours and it started and goes like a clock.

The car is an one owner and has just 12000 miles on the meter.

I also have a Suzuki 413 with an Swift 1.3 GTI engine that I run races with.



Hi, here's David Leclerc, I'm in Chicoutimi, Quebec, Canada.
And I bought few months ago (June 2003) an '81 SJ-410 soft-top.  The engine's perfectly running, but despite the fact it's been owned by an autobody worker for the past 12 years or so, the body is not yet in it's best shape.  But being an  autobody worker myself, plans are to strip it down to bare-metal, and rebuilt it with sheetmetal only...no body filler...and to get it "showroom-ready". I owned it for 7 months now, and as I'm still only 21, I won't let it go for years to come.


LJ20VL vin 107306, 1972.vehicle is low mileage and in good condition.
currently registered in South Dakota USA
believe sold by a dealer in Rapid city, SD when new as rumor has it that someone sold them there then.
sorry but i am not in front of this vehicle as it is 2K miles from me.  this vehicle has been mostly a barn/garage queen.  only rust is the front quarter area where internal stiffining member must trap moisture
questions?: has anyone made a repair piece for this rust area? every LJ I have seen has this problem.
are there any "hot rodding" parts or specs available?
currently the vehicle is an unmolested, pure stock example with the exception of fat 15"wheels and really dry snow/mud tires.  i have a spare 4 speed, radiator, engine, stock wheels and a few other things.  there are a few more of these running around in western SD, mostly horribly rusty


I bought my Carry in Oct,03 .It is a 1971 L40V that is electric it needs lots of tlc and I am not finding parts for it so I am making what I can for it and plan to have it running by this spring any help with it would be great ,because I don't quit easily on something .LJ10.com is a great asset to me thanks.

Kelien Brett jags2many@yahoo.com

I'm Andy Riggs, have lived and worked in Saudi Arabia for 25 years (Jeddah), bought a 1978 LJ80 Convertible in 1981 as new from showroom and have driven little else since. Newly done up in every way in the last month, I'm now shipping it to Dorset in England (home) and obviously want to know where I can get parts and service in the UK. Jeddah was perfect for anything to do with this vehicle. I had a great mechanic 'round the corner' and parts were easy to find. How will the UK be? Any suggestions anyone? This is a cute looking thing with a chunky roll bar, in nut brown that has to stay with me and I am often stopped by people in Jeddah asking to buy it now its looking just like new again. Only amendment is that I've added metal half doors after a 'run in' with the Saudi traffic police as I drove it without doors at all for 21 years!
So any ideas on parts supply and service in the UK anyone?
Andy Riggs

I've owned my LJ20 (1971) for ten years. Right now I need a water pump!
David Pace
Red Bluff, CA

I have owned my '72 brute, LJ10 since 1999.  Its in very good condition with 20kmiles on it, most of which were racked up while being towed to my fun zones.  I love this machine, I've out wheeled anything you can think of, it truly amazes me and my friends.  They made fun of me first, now they envy me.  If I get stuck in some sticky mud, I just pick it up and move it while my buddies are looking for a pull.  Everyone has tried to convince me to change out the drivetrain, but I insist on keeping it original. 
I do have some problems, I can get the front drums off for the life of me, so it a rear braking system only (sometimes scary).  I plan on having the springs rearched as the Brute is sagging these days.
ANYONE IN SACRAMENTO IS WELCOME TO GO CAMPING AND WHEELIN' WITH US. reverendheat@peoplepc.com or 916.247.1530

ahoy, my name is trevor t, and i am also an lj enthusiast.
i'm in victoria, british columbia, CANADA, driving my freshly purchased '79 LJ80 pick up. photo's on the way..
as far as rust goes, there is only about six square inches of surface rust.(wich will be gone sooner than later) it will get painted the factory mustard to match the intirior.the only upgrade so far (from previous owner)
is shocks and a 1300 rad. out here on the wet coast, ljs are very
hard to find. so i am trying my best to collect all i can. as far as i know there are only lj80s around here, i have only seen 80s. i own 3 hard top lj80s, two parts (only bad part about them is that they have no floors ..at all...)and one very clean one(as clean as they get around here.)wich i am curently doing a frame up on . i also have a 84 sj410 pick-up with a custom spring-over,lj80 4:56 gears, welded in the rear, sameria 1300 and 5 speed,
with a 72 corolla 1600 carb. well, i have said enough. P.S. have
you ever heard of lj80 dealership promo comercial/video? ive heard good things. joepublik@hotmail.com

My name is Michael and I bought a 1978 Suzuki LJ 80 in August 2003.
It's a Hardtop, with sunroof, bullbar and original Bartread tyres.
It needs some work and new tyres, but I'm in the Suzuki 4WD Club of NSW (Australia), so i think I'll have plenty of help to get her on the road.
Michael 13/5/04   guzook@wildzooks.com

My name is Butch, I bought an lj10 in 1984, had 13,000 miles on it. The previous owner would tow it behind his motor home. The last time he towed it he left it in gear and flooded the crankcase with oil and couldn't get it running. I bought it and after working on it awhile I got it running but it smoked something terrible, I let my son (11yrs) drive it around a field to burn out the excess oil. (This, by the way, is how he learned to drive). I painted it a bright red and reupholstered the seats a red plaid, put a white top on it and it looks great. Drove it for approx. 5 years when the throttle cable broke and the carburetor started acting up. Since then it has been stored. I plan to recon it and use it on my place, and run errands for my wife. I am happy to know there ore other people with like interests in lj10's.

Hello fellow LJ 50 owners of 2004.
Martin Organ-Flertcher.  I have a Lj 50 Hard top is stock standard condition and runs good.  my dad picked it up from a car yard for $300 with a excellent motor, no brakes and some rust.  had the lj50 for 5 year and plan to keep it.  fixed the rust, repainted it dark green added some lights and use it as a off road vehicle. I want to upgrade and fix a few things on the car  I'm located on the Gold Coast, Australia.  hopefully I will see The BEAST on the road in a couple of years.
feel free to contact me

Hi there!
I just acquired a LJ20 that I've had my eyes on for the past year and a half. It's UGLY and a total basket case, but it was free and I needed another project.
I registered with the forums and e-mailed a pic of it to rigs@lj10.com.

I'll keep you all informed.
Troy Hambly
Plainfield, IL (Chicago burbs)

Hi my name in Nick Strout and I have a LJ50 and I Live in the USA and I always wanted to fix up the jeep in the barn I just found out what that thing is.


I have a LJ80 I purchased new in Hawaii in 1979[Dec] and still have it. It has 54,000 original miles and is all original except for the seats. It is the soft top  and still runs like a clock. The only thing wrong with it is I need to locate the steering tie rod ends as there is a bit of looseness in the front end. Any help I can get obtaining the R/L tie rod ends will be appreciated.
Aloha, Mark Pinkston [in Oregon]
M. Pinkston
51 N. Dean St.
Coquille, Or 97423

Dusty Predmore  OH. 12/72 LJ20e hard top. I located it in a junk yard I took it home got it running used it for 1 year brakes went out and got a hole in radiator parked it for a year and a half got it out 8/7/04 and fixed radiator. It still runs and drive good. bodies in bad shape. Owned it for 3 year. skippydp5@aol.com

my e-mail address is smaynard218@aol.com ...i have a 1972lj20 that is in good running condition with 9000 original miles. I am looking for a new or good used soft top and the front bows...a 560x15 rim and information as to where I can purchase the military type tires..brake shoes..wheel cylinder kits and master cylinder kits. any help and information is greatly appreciated... thank you to all of you

I have just bought a LJ80 (1980, 80,000 km, light red)
I project to dismount the case to repair it, to repaint it, and to make a 1" bodylift.
The engine and the transmission are ok.


I'm a happy owner of an 1979 LJ80 since December, 2003
My Name is Hugo Vargas.
I live in Guatemala.

I have an LJ20V, "Brute IV", 72 model, that I have owned since '73. It still runs good although rubber parts are starting to go. I am in Mississippi. I just found this site and will be looking for help on parts. I have a very few, but nothing seems to be what I need! I have some original dealer literature, including one dealer poster showing a pretty girl in an open top LJ20! I picked this up at a dealer in Japan, so it is in Japanese. Also, I have a service manual and a parts manual.


My name is Derrick Pisa (like the leaning tower) and I have a 1981 LJ80 with the soft top & doors I bought it in 1995 form a guy in Gowanda, NY for $300 whose son had been in the military and bought it new in Guam and brought it home with him where it sat and ceased. It only has 37,000 original miles on it!! We freed it up and I drove it for 3 summers the last one I was stopping it with the e-brake. I did have fun in it, I even had it in a 4xfun fest and a picture of us was in a 4wheel &off-road magazine.  I have it parked in my Barn hoping someone can help me find an all new brake system or any other parts anyone with info can e-mail me at ford93truck@yahoo.com I really miss driving it. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.             THANX     Derrick

Hi there
 We are Amy and Sandy Sandford, in Victoria BC, and we are the proud owners of a 1981 LJ80V.  The serial number is JS3JA11V7B4100580.
We bought it about three months ago.  It has had fairly extensive welding work done on it, to address rust problems and to beef it up for hunting purposes.  As a result, our Zuki has checker plate front and rear fenders, rear quarter panels and a heavy-built running board.  It also has a unique roll-bar/elk carrier system built in.  This means you can probably roll it down the side of a mountain, put it back on its feet, and drive away.  Not elegant but pretty tough.  It still  has the original 797cc engine.
Our email is amysandford@shaw.ca

 I bought a 1972 lj20V with about 16,000 miles here in Denver last year and have finally got it running, but not stopping well.  Either the flexible hoses have collapsed inside or the wheel cylanders are locking out, but the way it sits, either I have no brakes or the wheels are locked up.  If anyone knows if replacement hoses are avaialble I'd sure appreciate finding out before I try to have custom ones fabricated.  The Jimny is complete down to the hood badge and original optional Motorola radio and I'm looking forward to seeing how well it copes with one of the blizzards that hit us every couple of years.. 
T. Kutz

I live in Australia and found your web site looking for a new lj50 to buy. I have had 4X4 Suzuki’s since I was a kid, I currently only have 1 1974 LJ50 that I have had for about 10 years, it’s in pretty poor condition. I understand that the LJ50 wasn’t released in the US very interesting because they came here in large numbers but are getting hard to find in any condition. My family have owned about 30 or so over the years, I also remember having a water-cooled two cylinder LJ20 when I was a kid. The LJ50 was so much more powerful but had pretty much the same body, awesome 4WD. The family owned a 1million acre cattle property and we stripped them down and put bar work on and chased scrub cattle in the bush with them, they were the only 4wd strong and agile enough for the job. They got pretty battered and we wrote a few off over a 20 year period. I kept my battered runabout from the station when we sold and moved to town and it has sat under a tarp and not run for about three years. Living in town I now need a registered one and mine is beyond that hence the search for one with a better body when I found this site. It’s great to see so many Suzi people hope to hear from some.

Mark & Sheree Timms thedastation@wn.com.au

Hi ,
I own a 1979 LJ80, it has 60k on it, have owned it for abot 10 years now, but have not driven it for 6 years, young kids take priorty over toys. I have been updating it lately, am looking for a windshield, with or with out glass and wiper motor just need frame.
I have added an electric fuel pump(boy did that sure fix some off road problems), as well it now has a complete brush guard and winch on front.
I am from Vancouver Island, Canada, and use this for hunting and fishing the back roads, a ATV for two with a heater AWESOME!
If any one has parts close to me, please get back to me

I have a 72 LJ 10 that was purchased new by my parents in 72. This one needs a lot of work now, a piston broke and since then many parts of the motor were lost by my little brother and nephew. So currently I am looking for a replacement motor to drop in it.
Kim Gross Nampa, Idaho

My name is Ed Wilkins and I live in Austin, Texas. I recently was given an LJ-20 that has been garaged since 1980.  For the most part, it is in respectable shape.  The engine and train are in great shape.
However, I am having difficulty finding parts.
Both front and rear rubber in the wheel cylinders are real stiff.  The master cylinder  rubber is cracked, and useless..
All bores are fine after honing, but I can't seem to locate re-build kits.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Ray Houck - near Baltimore, Md. I have a 1980 LJ81K truck, Mfd 12/79, VIN# 108506 which was brought over from Hawaii. I bought the truck in 1986 and have managed to keep it on the road since then. Until January of this year, I had to struggle to get it through the state emissions tests required every two years. In January 2005, I was able to re-register it as a historic vehicle, eliminating the Maryland Emissions Test requirement. That was a big relief. The vehicle only shows 39K on the odometer. I want to keep it as original as possible and am interested in any available parts, new or used. Also would be interested in hearing about problems and solutions from others with similar vehicles. Many thanks to Steve for making me aware of this site. brownturtle1@comcast.net

Hello .my name is Bob , I have a LJ20 the motor runs but the body is shot and there's no reverse. it sat in a briar patch for many years , I gave $100 for it and am now building a scaled down 1941 jeep MB body , moving front axle forward 4 inches and reinforcing frame, any advise on motor swaps or wheels that will interchange would be appreciated. from Asheville NC SmokyMNTnights@aol.com

I have a 1972 Suzuki lj20 soft top
  it has 14,450 miles on it all original. Its yellow with a black top and it has tractor tires
  on it.   It has rust every wear on the lower panels and on the floor boards witch i will
  have to replace I will soon be striping it down to to sand blast and bondo and to start
  painting it and then the process to get every thing back together were its working 
 Jacob Dout

My name is Greg Morrissey.  I have a LJ80 from 1979. I would like some advice and info from anyone who has attempted a renovation. I am just about to  completely renovate the LJ, I am going to change the color from beige to military green, canvas roof  etc. It would be great to speak to some of the guys on the web. Although the car is registered UK, I had it shipped to Alicante Spain where I now live.  So hopefully I will find all the bits that I need.  Although the car still drives really well. 
Thanks for everything, looking forward to hear your reply emails.
My email: gregmorrissey@telefonica.net
Best regards Greg (Greg Morrissey) 

I live in Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada. I bought my first LJ in
1982 from a Suzuki dealer in Richmond, BC. It is a 1981 "Richmond Green"
hard-top version of the LJ 80V. I bought every accessory that Suzuki Canada offered during the early 80's. I drove it for a year, then put it on blocks, where it has been since 1983. It is mint and totally original. There are only 23,000 original km on it. I have also owned an LJ81 pickup and LJ80 convertible and a Samurai. I am currently driving a 1980 LJ80V "desert tan"
hard-top as my weekend vehicle. This one isn't mint, but is completely original and in good shape.


Fabio (email: fabio@azurimmo.com)

Owner of an 1980 LJ80V white from Italy

Bought in 2005, the car was in Germany (I suppose) from 1980 to 1985, in Rome from 2005 to 2004 and in Puglia from 2004 to 2005

The car is in quite good conditions but needs much work, I have started and I will finish only when it will be back to the original glance

Hi, my name Samuel (Sammy), I'm from Indonesia. I have 1982 LJ-80 Hardtop (Latest model for Indonesia sales version). It's dark brown, still standard (not 100% original), and try too keep it "virgin". I owned since 1999.

Hi, my name is Pier Luigi, and I come from Italy. in 2003 I bought an 1980s LJ 80, and I've completely restored it.
now it's blue, and isn't completely original. I really love it because I have done very much works on it.

Hi guys,
Well done on your site....Keep it up!! I have bought a 1976 LJ50 model in January 2006. Its currently being restored and I am hoping to fit in the original two stroke engine. Can't wait to have it on the road. Will mail you pics when I have it ready!!
Mark Galea

My Name is Clint Henrie. I live in Anchorage Alaska and I am the owner of a 1980 LJ80 soft top (without the soft top). I will send photos when I figure out the website a little better. I have owned it for about 6-7 years but it has been in storage due to my being in school the last 5 years. I am excited to get to know you all on the site, and having your help fixing er up into a daily driver.

thanks for the site I've already learned a ton.


I would like reg my 1972 lj10. i saw my 1st lj10 last night. I chased it down asked all about it I now own it. Original 2 stroke engine been sitting long time smokes but runs.
ill put plugs in tomorrow  any1 near Modesto CA that knows about lj10s

I have a 1980 LJ80 with a home made spring over lift. it has 33 14.50 boggers on it.  stock everything else.  it is the slowest vehicle in southern Washington.  it has a little rust on the rocker panels but it is in excellent condition otherwise.  everyone rubber-necks it when I drive past them.

Hello.  My name is Paul Krystall and I have a 1980 Suzuki LJ80 that I used to drive on the beach and the body is totally finished - chassis, engine and drive chain is fine.  I want to leave the car at the beach, and so I am taking off the body and will throw it away for scrap.  I want to rebuild from scratch - 2inch iron roll bars, wood and canvas - otherwise the rust will be back in 6 months.

Could you please circulate this to your list members - I am looking for photos of any Suzuki that has been rebuilt for minimal metalwork - to get ideas.

Thank you.

Paul Krystall


Jason Folliet.


1980 Suzuki LJ80 that was the jeep like model but the guy before me made a small truck box out of the cargo area in the back. it had 46 thousand orig.

KM on it, the colour is white and blue.


Alberta Canada

My name is Nicom. I live in Cape Town South Africa and I have a LJ50 that needs restoration.











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