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Visitor Rigs Page 17

Thanks for the pics Aric, of your 1979 LJ80


Hello everybody !!!
   My name is Norberto Moctezuma from Yabucoa, P.R. and I bought my LJ80 around 10 years ago and I restored as I can and this is my BABY project.  Its a LJ80 with Toyota 1.8 engine that has a GOOD modifications on it; Chevette front suspension ( rack & pinion and crossmember with plates, springs and customs shocks) that give me a puertorrican baby pro modified look and in back suspension has an hibrid Toyota-Ford diff. posi-track with full floating system and ladders that make it a VERY GOOD start to kick ass... street/race ride.
   I tried to not touch the body to keep as look as was. I like the LJ80 body.  Much more modification in all LJ but if I put all info I need two pages... ja ja ja. So THANKS to do this site because I only know a few forums or Suzuki sites but THIS IS OUR OLDIES SUZUKI FORUMS...
    THANKS and nice to see you all...
    Norberto from Puerto Rico

I'm Dudi D Dahlan from Indonesia,

I'm Love My LJ80. with snorkle & Winch (Warn). We are going anywhere, use daily go to my office, weekend for adventure offroad, sometimes go to regional offroad-competition.


Hi I am Justin from Malta and i am working on a lj80. I fits a Toyota engine 15turbo diesel on it. I also made some modifications in the body. I will send you more pic as it will be ready. I think that this site is great. KEEP IT ON.       


Here are a photo of 1981 LJ80 original look when i first saw it.

It undergo some changes...now with power steering, air cond and mis new parts.

Any one who have lj80 can email me at steve_lj80@yahoo.com sharing tips on modification of LJ80

It's a GREAT offroad car


LJ50 picture from Philippines. Original engine was replaced with 660cc turbo EPI engine.
from Arin




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