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Visitor Rigs Page 10

Greetings from the Philippines!

Here are pics of my LJ50 which I rebuilt. It has a Suzuki supercharged
3-cylinder 550cc engine that came off from a super carry. It has original
transmission gearing, transfer case and differentials. I upgraded the front
brakes to disc type from a Suzuki sj30. There is a lot of Suzuki
enthusiasts here in the Philippines and I am sending a picture of our
Suzuki group.
Best wishes and best regards to all the LJ owners out there. Kudos for a
great LJ website! More power!



Looking good, keep up the good work.

Someone sent me these two pictures but I lost the information,

would the person that did send them, please contact us so we can

give credit, and know the history of them.

This is our Suzuki 1985 SJ410 isn't she sweet?

Emile from Holland


This is my old 88 Samurai it had: 38.5" TSLs, Toyota axles w/5.29s, 4.1 t-case, 1.3 engine w/header, cam, and Weber carb on it. The YJ is my friends 94' Wrangler w/ 39" TSLs. The TJ is my 2000  w/ a 2" lift. Thanks, Steve Curry

"STOMPER" owned by Eric Solvesky, Phoenix, Arizona



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