The LJ20 is a water cooled version of the LJ10, the body was basically 
           the same with some few minor changes. It came as a hard top or a soft top,
           it weighs at 1,378 pounds (625 kg), length is 125.8 inches (3,195 mm), 

 Maximum speed is 50 mph(80 kph) with 28 hp at 5,500 rpm

           it is a two stroke two cylinder, 359cc with a compression ratio of 7.0:1


Ignition system - Ignition timing is 8 degrees btdc @1,400 rpm, Spark plugs are  NGK BP-6HS or  Nippon Denso W22FP.   
Transfer case is a 2-speed; Gear ratio in high (H) is 1.714:1 and low (L) 3.013:1. Hardtops (denoted LJ20V, for van) came with 5.60-15 tires, and higher transfer case gears. High range for these is 1.563, and low range is 2.571


Overall reduction ratio for the softops(H) Range 1st gear (Low) = 38.53 2nd gear = 23.20 3rd gear = 14.84 4th (Top) = 9.71 and Reverse = 3.53  now in (L) range 1st gear (Low) = 67.73, 2nd gear = 40.78 3rd gear = 26.08  4th (Top) = 17.07 and Reverse = 67.73
Steering is Ball  screw nut with a steering ratio is 15.4 and steering angle 'out' = 28 Degrees and 'in' = 33 degrees 

Toe-in = 5 mm (0.19 in) - 4 mm (0.16 in) Camber angle =  l degree Caster angle = 30 degrees King pin angle = 9 degrees and the front axle is a Semi floating 

Turning radius = 4.4 m (1 4.4 f t)

Brakes are 4 wheel hydraulic the front, 2 leading shoes and the rear, leading and trailing, the parking brake, propeller shaft type and is mechanical.

Lubrication System is a CCI, the oil pump is a plunger type, the engine oil tank capacity is 2,8 Itr (5.9/4.9 US/imp Pt) the transmission capacity is 800 cc (1.6/1.4 US/Imp Pt) the transfer case (differential gear box) is 700 cc (1.5/1.3 US/Imp Pt) the steering gear box holds 190 cc (6.4/6.7 US/Imp Pt) and the differentials hold 800 cc (1.6/1.4 US/Imp Pt) each


Cooling system is water cooled direct  the radiator is corrugated fin and tube pressure, the water pump is a centrifugal type and uses a V-belt drive, the thermostat is a wax pellet element type and the radiator holds 3.0 ltr (6.3/5.3 US/imp Pt) of coolant.



There is a more detailed listing of the LJ20 &LJ20V in the Service Manual section.

           NEW! LJ20 Parts Manual   

         The 1972 LJ20 Complete Service Manual