Breakdowns and other troubles going to the meet...

The 3rd Annual LJ Meet, in MT/WY, just East of Yellowstone Nat'l Park!

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I'm glad Mrs. Tweedy Bird is feeling better, and I'm glad there wasn't any major damage to your LJ! I think we had record carnage this year; I think I'm the only one who came out unscathed. Tweeder got hold of me when I was in Bozeman, MT Thursday and had cell phone reception. (one of the few places in Montana where cell phones will actually work - boy was I surprised to hear it ringing!)

Jimny, sorry to hear about your engine troubles. Larry told me about it at the meet.

My LJ's weren't running very well at the meet because of the altitude, but I advanced the timing on them, and they ran good enough to get us to the top of the passes. My mom and stepdad had to replace all four rear tires on their motorhome on the way... One blew, and another wasn't looking too good. Upon looking at the paperwork, they realized they had put 40k miles on them, so they replaced them.
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