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Information regarding the July 15-16, 2006 Meet in the Midwest.

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It's an LJ thing!
It's an LJ thing!
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Post by Jimny »

crap, and I needed seats too
Well I was wondering if you were coming to this meet.

Don't worry, I will have some ready to sell pretty soon.
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Resident Curmudgeon
Resident Curmudgeon
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Post by Smuz »

Our camper has a Fantastic Fan, and as small as the camper is, that fan will circulate all the air through in about 3 minutes
That's what mine has, but circulating in nice, fresh, 106* air ain't what I calls refreashing.
hey Smuz, git that A/C tested. if'n it dont work, we can deliver a new unit (Coleman Mach series) to the meet. maybe even get it installed in fairly short order.
Buddy, if this A/C don't work, I WILL be in touch with you. I don't mind dragging the thing a coupla hunnert miles to get a decent deal with folks I kin trust.
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The Parts Dude!
The Parts Dude!
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Post by stevec »

Heck, I'll help you put it in too. I have no experience with installing A/C on an RV, but if nothing else, it's an extra set of hands.
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Resident Smart Arse
Resident Smart Arse
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Post by tweeder »

the hardest part is lifting the unit to the top of the camper. Smuz, do you have ducted air or is it a single discharge? also is there a wall-mount t-stat?
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