Info coming in from the meet...

We are planning an LJ meeting in Colorado for June 21-23, 2005.

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Whats in Your Garage?
Whats in Your Garage?
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Does it ever stop?
I keep remembering these little things...
We were about a mile out of our first CO rest stop and one of the bottom pins that holds the awning in place went away. At least the top held it all in place. And I just happened to have a spare right by the door. But I expect that it was to hold the awning open.....
Pull over, fix, keep going.... :-)

What? Me worry? :P

This is retirement?
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Resident Curmudgeon
Resident Curmudgeon
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Does it ever stop?
No, I don't think so.
The above is my opinion. It is subject (like all my opinions) to debate, disagreement, rude gestures, and loud raspberries.
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