We are planning an LJ meeting in Colorado for June 21-23, 2005.

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Resident Curmudgeon
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Post by Smuz »

So, wot wre we gonna do about stickers for the meet?

I suggest that we severely punish anybody that shows up at the meet with an LJ that doesn't have "LJ10.Com" stickers on it. What can we do to 'em?

!. We can't kill 'em.
2. We could beat them with sticks.
3. We could make them cook the supper (oh no, wait....I gotta eat that)
4. Uhhhhh..........

I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!1 We can drench them with perfume and then drop 'em off at the "Blue Oyster Bar". Yeah, that'll work.

Mebbe we juss oughta have sum stickers on hand to give out and REQUIRE them suckers to be put on?

Where's TR when we need the little rascal???????????/
The above is my opinion. It is subject (like all my opinions) to debate, disagreement, rude gestures, and loud raspberries.
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It's an LJ thing!
It's an LJ thing!
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Post by Jimny »

:))): Too Damn Funny!

I like the Oyster bar one the best!

I'm planning on bringing a bunch of LJ10, LJ20 and stickers to the meet, and a couple new style stickers too.
I'd rather be driving my LJ!
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