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Posted: Thu Jun 02, 2011 9:53 am
by stevec
So, over Memorial Day weekend we were up at Liberty as usual, and it was pretty muddy this year. My Samurai seized the camshaft Sunday morning, leaving me with just the RHD LJ10, so we decided to go up to Crystal Mountain Lookout, then run some trails back in there. I've driven LJ's up there before, and even took the LJ81 up there at the 2006 LJ meet, but things were a lot more muddy this year than back in '06. We hit the trail, and got to the slimy, muddy hill. The other rigs were locked, with mud tires, and didn't have too much trouble, but my LJ10 is stock, with all-terrains that look more like street tires. I almost made the top the first try, but not quite, so I backed up just a few feet to get another run at it. In my Samurai, I'm pretty good at quickly shifting gears; apparently too good. As we know, LJ's don't have a lot of compression, but after backing up, I grabbed first gear quickly and hit the gas. Much to my surprise, the LJ quickly lurched backwards. Yes, I was turning the crankshaft in reverse! Did this a couple more times before getting the strap for that last ten feet, then made it up the rest of the way to the lookout (and the rest of the day) without issue.

I'm tempted to play around with it a bit though - it might be fun to get it going backwards, then I'd have four reverse gears!