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Magazine articles:

These are articles we have found in past 4 wheel drive etc. magazines.



"Suzuki Brute IV Conquers BAJA 1000

Fastest time ever for 4-wheel vehicles, 600 C.C. or under.

29 hrs, 27 min. No mechanical failures at all. No tire changes at all."

Read more from the Dec 1970 issue of "Dune Buggies and Hot VWs" magazine.


"As a new four-wheel-drive vehicle the Suzuki offers a lot of fun for a small cost"

Road Test - Suzuki Brute 4

Four Wheeler magazine October 1971

There is also an Ad in this issue for the Brute IV



Article about the Brute IV Off-Road Vehicles and Adventures.



Ever wanted to put a V-8 into your LJ? V-8 in a LJ80.



Japanese Jimny Magazine

(Mainly just some pics of a very nice LJ10

since the writing is in Japanese.)


LJ a "Half Pint CJ"?

An article about the LJ10


LJ10 in the




                    An excerpt from "Classic 4x4s"  (Illustrated Buyer's Guide): Suzuki Brute.

    This pint-sized powerhouse was offered for sale in the Untied States from 1971 to late 1973 and possibly into 1974. the Brute is a direct ancestor of the Samurai that is now undergoing a popular revival after U.S. sales stopped in 1995. The Brute was offered for sale by the Intercontinental Equipment Corporation, a private distributor in San Diego, California. Distribution was described as "West Coast" and the dealer "network" concentrated in California, Nevada, and Arizona but there is no doubt that some have found their way east. READ MORE




              Popular Science magazine April 1971, has a article about the LJ10 called: "The BRUTE: 2-Cycle Engine With 4-Wheel Drive".

    Suzuki is well known for their motorcycle line, but many people don't realize they also build four-wheel vehicles. One is the four-wheel-drive Brute IV, recently introduced in the United States. This lightweight, Jeep-like machine could prove to be one of the most popular off-road recreational vehicles to come along for some time. It's size is about half that of the conventional four-wheel-drive vehicles and it weighs only 1,320 pounds. Power comes from a 2-stroke, two-cylinder, air-cooled Suzuki engine. It has a deceptive displacement of only... READ MORE

We added the Scanned version of it. 01/23/2002


                            Quotes  from Motor Trend August 1971:

   Here is a quote from a Motor Trend magazine dated August 1971 it is called "The Great RV Binge" they test the Jeep CJ-5, International Scout II, Toyota Land Cruiser and the Suzuki Brute IV(LJ10). This is what they had to say about the Brute: "Perhaps the most intriguing of our four tests vehicles and the one which amazed all of us on the trip is the Suzuki brute IV. When I learned of this car, I must frankly admit to being skeptical. It's 359cc engine and 55 mph top speed seemed to militate against its usefulness, but after experiencing it's performance in the desert, I can say that the Suzuki Brute IV is one of the most enjoyable cars I have ever driven. The Brute's  engine is a two-stroke affair which looks and sounds much the same as Suzuki's 360cc motorcycle power plant. With a compression ratio of 7.3:1 and a bore/stroke of 2.40/2.42 inches, the engine produces 32 hp at 6000 rpm  and 26.9 lbs.-ft. of torque may appear to come in at rather high revs, the power band is broad with good power available at most any rpm level."  

"Just entering the US market is the Suzuki Brute IV and despite its miniscule size and engine, it provided to be the most enjoyable of our four test cars. Huge 16-inch wheels and a stiff springing made skid plates unneeded and it went where the others went, sometimes with a lot more ease."  Here is the whole Article.


Four Wheeler Magazine March 1973 article of the Suzuki Brute IV, it is called "FIRST TEST: SUZUKI Water Cooled 4x4 Wagon" Also there is a ad for the Brute in this issue.


SJ Gold Portfolio had three articles about LJ's. They are the  LJ10 "Brute", then the LJ20 "Brute IV" and the last was about a LJ10 with a Datsun 1200 engine and large sand tires on it.


"The Complete Book Of Japanese Import Cars" published in 1972, has five pages for the Suzuki LJ10 "Suzuki Owners Guide" 


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