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Oil Line Repair


One of the most important part of you LJ is the oiling system (CCIS) and if it's not working correctly your engine may fail, one of the main causes could be the oil pump is dirty and is in need of cleaning.

If your pump is clean and working properly but you have air bubbles in your oil lines, there are a couple reasons for this, one is the "banjo" bolts are loose at the pump or the flat seals are wore out, we are testing some copper washers that you can buy online to see if they will work, (more on them later) the other reason your oil lines have bubbles in them is due to possible pin holes in the lines, this 'How To' describes in detail how to find pin holes in your lines.


Thanks again to: Larry Myers

Oil line repair

It is in pdf format, if you do not have a pdf viewer please go here to download one, it is free and a small program.


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