LJ-10 Flasher Replacement.


            I recently had problems with the flasher in my LJ-10, Wilson. When it worked, it was very erratic and lots of times wouldn’t work at all. I decided to replace it with a modern flasher.


            The original flasher in the LJ-10 is a mercury unit.


            After some research, I decided to replace it with a combo solid state/mechanical. That would be an EL-12. About $12 from NAPA and available anywhere.


            The two wires (Yellow and blue) are adapters that I made with ¼” spade terminals, male on one end and female on the other. The bottom piece of harness is an extension that was on the original flasher. Why it was there, I have no clue. The wire connection would reach the flasher without it, and my LJ-20V did not have such an extension.

 Here is the flasher hooked up with the adapter wires I made. Yellow connects to the “X” terminal on the flasher and green connects to the “L” terminal. It works just awesome and is NOT very load dependent. For a permanent installation, I would have made the adapter wires shorter, taped up the connections and wire-tied it up out of the way..


The reason I did NOT make this a permanent installation was that all of my flasher problems went away when I took out that pesky little extension. Go figure.


            I wrote this up anyway to help anyone else that has a bad flasher and needs a readily available replacement.




Download the original MS Word doc for the Flasher Replacement