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Section II: Front Brake Replacement


Now that weíve got the master cylinder replaced and replumbed and working optimally, itís time to forge on to the front brakes. Gee, Iím excited.




  1. SJ413 front disk calipers. I got mine from Ebay for about $30
  2. SJ413 front disk caliper brackets. Also from Ebay for about $15
  3. SJ413 front disk rotors. I got mine from Rock Auto for about $30
  4. New wheel studs. Napa Part # 641-3144. Front studs for SJ413 (Samurai)
  5. New longer brake lines. Napa Part # 38541. Front lines for 1983 Honda Accord.




  1. That wonderful little 10mm brake line wrench that came in so handy last section.
  2. A drill press is very nice.
  3. A portable band saw is also very nice


Thatís probably it except for standard hand tools.


Hang on, here we go.


First you support the vehicle properly and remove the wheels. You are then looking at this wonderful sight:



Then you pull off the front hubs. Hereís how I do it:




And hereís whatís looking at you:



Next you use that wonderful and indispensable little 10mm brake line wrench that weíve all grown to love and remove the hard line from the front brake line hose:



And then, if your luck is like mine, you are faced with this:

Drat! Good thing we arenít going to re-use that.



Now we remove the four bolts that hold the brake plate on:



And hereís what we have to work with. Feel free to clean it to your little heartís content.



Now take off the two bolts holding the brake line bracket to the knuckle.



Then put the bolts back and torque to listed values. Again, feel free to clean all you want. Iím too lazy.



Now mark your front hubs for cutting. This is a picture of a rear hub, but the fronts are exactly the same technique. The easiest way that I have found (and Iím all for easy) is to lay a piece of ľĒ bar stock against the lug studs and mark on the outside of the bar stock with a soapstone, pencil, etc.

Once you get the lines marked, take a hammer and drive out the lug studs. They interfere with cutting and we need longer ones anyway.



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