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LJ Brake Upgrade


Scope: This article will be in three sections.

Section 1: Replacing the small single circuit LJ master cylinder with a larger, dual circuit Master cylinder from a Samurai SJ413.

Section 2: Replacing the barely adequate front drum brakes on the LJ with SJ413 front disk brakes.

Section 3: Replacing the barely adequate rear drum brakes on the LJ with SJ413 front disk brakes.


The procedures documented are designed around readily available and common Suzuki parts and should be attainable by a home mechanic of average skill with a minimum amount of specialized tools. It is also designed to be fully reversible to stock condition, if desired, so as not to detract from the value of a potentially rare and classic vehicle.


Caveat: These procedures were done to MY vehicle at MY own risk for off road use. Use the information as you will, but don’t blame or sue me if you make a mess of it and hurt yourself. That said, MINE works good.


The Victim:


The Parts:

I also should mention that some of the pictures are a bit blurry. By the time I noticed that, it was way too late to retake them. Perhaps I should cut down on the coffee.


Enough of the tedious stuff, we’re off to the shop……


Section 1: Replacing the Master Cylinder


Section 2: Front Brakes


Section 3: Rear Brakes (Coming Soon)


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