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Now go take a break. Back? OK.

Now mark the king pins with a chisel or punch. I usually mark the top with 2 punches and the bottom with one punch, the punch marks being towards the outside.


Now remove the inner knuckle seals, removing the bolts, outer plates, and pulling the seals back away from the knuckle and let them hang on the axle shaft.


Now remove the inner plates. You need to pay attention to the differences between the inner and outer plates. The inner have a square recess and the outer have a concave recess. Really easy to see when you do it.


Now remove the king pins. DO NOT drive a screwdriver or a pry bar under these!!!! There are some very fragile shims in there that are very easy to mess up. The best way is to rotate them either with a hammer and a punch, or with a pair of channel locks. Once you get them rotating, they will usually come out pretty easy.


I like to just get them loose and then prepare a place to put them.


Then support the outer axle stub with one hand while you pull the king pins the rest of the way out.

After the king pins are out, you can pull the knuckle and axle assembly. Be aware that, when you pull the knuckle out, the bottom king pin bearing will fall out and bury itself in the dirt and the muck that has accumulated under your work space. If you donít want this to happen, hold your free hand under the knuckle an catch the pesky little thing.


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