LJ-10 (LJ-20) Front Axle Rebuild


Part 2: Knuckle Rebuild

Or: ďGawd, I Need More GreaseĒ


If youíve been following along you know where weíre at. If not, go read part one.


Now that the springs are finished, itís time to rebuild the knuckles. Iíll only be illustrating the left side. I mean, enough is enough.


As you know, I removed the front axle completely in order to facilitate everything I needed to do. You do not need to do that if you are just rebuilding the knuckles.


So, here is the axle out of the vehicle and on stands:


And here is the knuckle rebuild kit Iím using:


First you remove the cotter pin and take off the hub nut. I used an impact wrench and a 1 7/16Ē socket. A big crescent wrench will work, also.


Then pull the hub off. Sometimes you can tap around the edges with a hammer and get it loose. Most times you need to use either a slide hammer puller or a puller like I used.


When you have the hub off, it looks like this (on an LJ-10, others are similar).


Then take off the four bolts and pull the backing plate off. Remember that I had removed the brake line in part 1.


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