Directions from Silverton to Eureka town site

July 18-22, 2011, near Silverton, CO

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Directions from Silverton to Eureka town site

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Reprinted from the 2005 thread:
I talked with the Chamber of Commerce again this morning. The townsite is about 10 acres, but we will not be alone that time of year. I will get there a day or two early, and try to get as much space as possible for us. As said before, this is dry camping - there are no facilities there. There is a porta-potty at one end, where there is a staging area for ATV's, but no garbage cans, so we'll need to pack our own trash out.

To get there, first get to Silverton. From there, you'll take County Road 2 (formerly HWY 110, and this is how it is shown on most maps still) to the townsite. I will check in at the Silverton Chamber of Commerce (visitor's center), as well as the San Juan Mountains Association office in Silverton when I arrive, and I highly recommend that everyone stop at the visitor's center. They know about our group, and can give you maps and info about the area, as well as directions if you need. I'll try and put up a couple of signs as well.

FYI, Silverton has about 5 feet of snow right now, the roads will be clear by June. There is, however, the possibility of snow any time of year (we're camping at 9800' elevation), so please come prepared!!!
When you come to the bridge over the river with a potty house just over the bridge on the left, DON'T go across the bridge. The town site is to the right just before the bridge, by the river. But DO remember where the potty house is, that's where ya go when ya gotta go.
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