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Posted: Sun Feb 10, 2008 11:35 am
by Smuz
Well, I finally pulled Sleepy's front third to see what had failed.

The locker failed!

It was not engaging fully and wouldn't hold. I thot it was funny that it worked so well for so long and then just failed. Shane and I looked it over pretty carefully yesterday.

We could see marks on the side gears where it had slipped. The marks were towards the center of the side gears, at the edge of the coupler. It's possible that the angle is slightly different between the side gears and the coupler. I'll check this out better later today.

I also noticed that the original thrust washers that I had moved to between the side gear and block were holding the side gear a little too far away from the coupler.

Remember how I said that I was gonna polish those thick new thrust washers before I put it together? Well, I got inna hurry and didn't. So they polished themselves.

Also, remember that I said the locker had much nicer manners than the one in my Sammi? I think that was a symptom of the locker disengaging to easily.

My take on this information:
I think the locker was working fine originally, but the clearances were right at the point of failure. As the thick thrust washer polished itself, it became thinner (I'm guessing by about .010") This allowed the clearance to open up just enough that the locker wouldn't stay engaged under load. If the angles on the side gear and coupler are slightly different, this would exacerbate the problem.

What I'm gonna do:
After a little more inspection today, I'm gonna put this thing back together with different side gears and move the original thrust washers back where they are originally, with the thick washer against the side gear and the original next to the housing. THIS time I'll take micrometer readings of the thrust washer thicknesses and post 'em here so's that they don't get lost in my clutter.

I'll get this baby working yet.

Posted: Sun Feb 10, 2008 5:48 pm
by Jimny
That sure does make a lot of sense because it didn't make any noise like something broke, it just didn't work.

Got pics? I would like to see the clearance you are talking about.

Posted: Sun Feb 10, 2008 8:45 pm
by Smuz
Jimny wrote:That sure does make a lot of sense because it didn't make any noise like something broke, it just didn't work.
Got pics? I would like to see the clearance you are talking about.
No pics, just put it back together and back in.

1. Yes, the angle is a bit different between the coupler and the side gear. With the side gear sitting on the coupler, there is about a .010" gap at the outer edge of the side gear.

2. The original thrust washers are .030". The thicker new thrust washers are .158".

I moved the original thrust washers back to their original spot. That moves each side gear inward .158" from stock position. It also moves the side gears .030" in towards the center from where they were when the locker quit working. Now, when the coupler is fully retracted, the side gears just barely touch the couplers as they rotate. Can't get closer than that.

It's all back together. Gotta wait until tomorrow to put gear oil in it and try it out. All I can do for awhile is just drive it around the yard and see if it engages and then disengages on the corners.

Posted: Wed Mar 05, 2008 3:00 pm
by Smuz
Took it outta the shop and drove it around in figure-eights for awhile. It's damned sure locked now and the soft ground was not firm enough to make it unlock. We'll see how it does on a real wheeling trip in a month or so.