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LJ10, LJ80 U-joints

Posted: Fri Aug 14, 2015 9:12 am
by stevec
LJ10's and LJ80's use the same u-joints; LJ20's do not have serviceable u-joints. The LJ10/LJ80 u-joint is same dimensions as a Samurai/SJ413 u-joint, but the LJ's have inner snap rings whereas the Samurai/SJ413 has external rings.

I was able to get a new j-joint off the shelf at O-Reilly's. The part number was Precision #391 (Samurai uses #398). This came with new snap rings, but they were too thick (about 3x as thick as the original ones!), so I reused the old ones. If your local parts shop has trouble with this number, just have them look for a u-joint for a Datsun/Nissan pickup - the u-joints are the same as 1968-1985 Nissan/Datsun pickups.