The Free LJ - Strikes to the heart of mud

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The Free LJ - Strikes to the heart of mud

Post by DrizSki » Thu Aug 19, 2004 6:45 pm

Well I managed very successfully to stick the Samurai in axle deep mud tonight (it rained I hadda do it).

So there I sat with the Samurai stuck able to go about 3' front to back since it was in the ditch.

What to do?????

Option 1 -- Fire up neighbors JD4020 - pull it out of ditch.

Option 2 -- Attempt to fire up 47 Willy's CJ with bad carb

Option 3 -- Start up Bronco II and pull it out (getting it very dirty too and I'd hafta wash it since I'm selling it).

Option 4 -- Leave it till it dries

Option 5 -- Fire up Ethan's Free LJ20 and pull her out. Well it worked -- even with its modified exhaust with a straight pipe in place of the expansion chamber. Little rascal pulled her out like nothing -- Just a few million RPM and away she went, mud flying from all 8 tires.

Little dickens sure surprized me!!!!!
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Post by stevec » Fri Aug 20, 2004 9:25 am

Just wait 'till you pull your first Jeep out on a trail with your LJ. Biggest grin you'll ever have! :realshocked:
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