Oil change

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Re: Oil change

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Myers wrote:Long time ago bought a 1963 IHC tractor to convert into a dump. Navy surplus. Went after parts and the dealer asked to see my build list. Had never heard of such but he told me who to call. Made the call, gave the guy the serial numbers, he found the original list in just a second, told me the info I needed to get my parts and mailed me a copy of the list for future use. Very neat, quick and without a computer. Other IHC trivia - When I was twisting bolts for a living our brake shoe catalog for all vehicles was probably about 1/2 inch thick. The IHC applications alone took up over half of the pages. Why? Because IHC would build their trucks like the customer wanted it more than any other brand. This helps to explain their need for the build list.
We called it a "line ticket". On the IHC's I had there was a copy glued to the back of the glove box and another stuffed into the springs under the seat. Last resort you could always call IHC w/ the vin and get another copy. Woe betide you if you tried to get parts for your truck w/o the line ticket. Just wasn't gonna happen, nobody knew what parts could possibly be on that truck w/o it.

Damn, I miss those trucks.
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