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LJ caught fire........minimal damage

Posted: Sun Oct 30, 2005 4:25 pm
by zukimoo
Well I was doing some body work and they say when welding on the body to make small passes to reduce the amount of heat for warping....this also helps with flare-ups from heat.....

I looked out of the mask and saw a little bit of flames....then welded a little more then I could see lots of flames....luckely I had the hood open and a fire extenguisher real close...I tried to blow it out a couple of times, got a little smoke inhalation...then grabbed the extenguisher. The only thing I found wrong was the wires going to the back lights are a little burnt....I don't have any brake lights but I don't really know if they worked before.....

on the good side...i now got a floor on both sides, just got a couple of little holes left and then I take on the front drum to disc conversion......So far since I've had it at the shop to work on it there's been about 12 people wanting to buy it.......getting some pretty good offers too but its not for sale