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My New Found Love

Posted: Tue Aug 29, 2017 5:30 am
by cal8544
Hi everyone.

Well I am guessing there are two types on here? You either grew up with an LJ and have always had 'the love' or you just always wanted one and somewhere along the line you have found 'the love'....? Well I like many 4wd enthusiasts growing up in the 90's had heard the tales and the stories of these so called LJ Suzukis from friends fathers, uncles and the parts guy at Repco etc....''They use to make those in a 2 stroke you know?" ''things would go anywhere!" ...Me starting out with a 85 narrow track 'Holden Drover' at 17 I have always had a soft spot for the Suzuki brand and over the years have always kept a keen eye out for that undiscovered lj50 tucked away in somebodies back shed that I could snavell up! Unfortunately over the years I have only stumbled across the odd LJ80 half rusted away or butchered at swap meets here and there I had almost given up. Well that was until last weekend when I was raking gumtree and some ungodly hour of the morning and after being posted online just 32 minutes and me examining the pictures until I near starred a hole through the screen I made the call and bought my first LJ50! So I have Driven 1100km round trip with my 17month old son and my fiancé to pick up a car that is 40 years old has not enough seats for the 3 of us to fit in and is too slow to drive back so there is a trailer in tow.....and she is happy for me!!! Marriage is all making sense now.
The poor old bugger that previously owned the LJ had passed away suddenly and the vehicle was being sold by his daughter she informed me that he was a huge hoarder and my ears pricked up straight away...after a few mins of negotiation she agreed to take me to his hoard where I stumbled across three more complete LJ50's in varying conditions as well as a yard load of spares. Due to a incomplete Will she advised it will be months before they can legally sell off any of the hoard/collection/Suzuki goldmine.
After returning home I realised I need to find a Forum to get as much info on these LJ's as I can because apart from the stories I have heard over the years and the basics I really don't know a lot about them other than I want one. So now I have ticked that box I need to start reading back through the relative posts on here and what a wealth of knowledge there is! So fantastic to see so many LJ enthusiasts keeping the beasts alive!
So my new found love is a straight rust free example the only downside is that its been painted blue at some stage of its life and the whole thing has been coated in sticky fish oil which is going to be a bugger to clean up. It came with original sales brochure and owners manuals. Complete canvas roof in poor condition as well as canvas doors, original seats , original dash layout no holes, new set of bar treds on original rims so overall I am really happy with my purchase. I have had a look through the forum quickly and see there has been a few posts on rear seats. I would love to track down one rear dicky/jump seat the side mount style ones but from everything I have seen so far they weren't very common in Aus.

Anyway guys that my little story look forward to learning more and talking to you guys about these awesome little machines.


Re: My New Found Love

Posted: Tue Aug 29, 2017 9:43 am
by stevec
Welcome to the forums!

That "sticky fish oil" is probably a rust preventative, and is why it is still rust free.

Good luck with the "hoard"!

Re: My New Found Love

Posted: Tue Aug 29, 2017 7:18 pm
by SuzukiTom
Great find, you're making us all jealous! :beer:

Re: My New Found Love

Posted: Tue Aug 29, 2017 8:20 pm
by Simplesam
Welcome, I only joined the group a couple weeks ago, but happy to know there's more of us out there. I cased this page/forum for weeks leading up to my purchase. There is a lot of knowledge here for sure.

Re: My New Found Love

Posted: Tue Sep 12, 2017 8:12 pm
by zukimoo
I got my LJ after the owner died (I sat on a tarp under a tree for over 10 years...the tarp on the ground saved it) but it was sold as a scrap clean up. I called the guy that bought it and told him I'd give him double scrap price if I could send the tow truck. I was worried they would crush it.

This site gave me the info to rebuild it.